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Agile Transformation for Service Desk and Tier 1 Support

Most large enterprises embarking on agile transformation journey first and primarily focus on areas which are easy wins for agile transformation but are they missing some thing really important for one of key objective of agile transformation? Improving customer experience!

Agile provides many benefits including faster time to market, good use of talent, increased employee satisfaction but most important of these is improving customer experience

You talk to any c-suite executive sponsoring agile transformation there first choice will always be areas and functions with much of IT and Technology plays. More a function is technology savvy (specially with cloud, AI etc.) more it has a chance of getting into an agile transformation. Typically next in line are commercial functions and product development units. That all is fair but in all this key objective of Agile -- Improving Customer Experience -- is lost.

To improve customer experience the customer facing functions such as Service Desk and Tier 1 Support functions must be Agile Transformed!

Few benefits of embarking Service Desk and Tier 1 Support on Agile Transformation journey are:

  1. Improved customer experience at first point of contact

  2. Autonomous and self-governing Service Desk de-layering management layers

  3. Speed up of necessary digitization of Service Desk

  4. Larger impact considering footprints of Service Desk with customers and users

As per McKinsey one of a leading bank was able double the sales volume, and triple the customer satisfaction by performing Agile Transformation of their customer support function. This all is in addition to 20% immediate reduction in branches. Isn't that huge?

So, it is time to go beyond normal green fields of Agile Transformation and focus on Agile Transformation of Service Desk and Tier 1 Support.

This article is on a series of article for Agile Transformation of Service Desk support. Watch this space or subscribe for more.


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