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Bold moves on DevOps Transformation

Updated: Mar 11

Based on excerpts taken from IT Revolution Whitepaper

What are few of the bold moves which your organization can make?

  1. Strong focus on prioritization of work

  2. Increased leadership commitment and investment in Transformation

  3. Exhibit DevOps ways of working

  4. Make your technology stack contemporary


  • Leaders need to connect the DevOps Transformation to Business Imperatives and explain how the benefits will address the challenges in organization

  • From top to bottom priority should be aligned and clearly visible

  • Limit WIP. If everything is a priority then nothing is a priority


  • Leaders to need to see how transformation can become more efficient and effective

  • Investment in coaching and training

  • Investment in creating a system of observability

Ways of working:

  • Simply DevOps is to put small lean improvements across the system and value chain. It is achieved through a combination of process improvements, flow management, and automation and digital technologies

  • Ideal way is to do value mapping exercise but because of time constraints you can build a flow-optimized, automated DevOps native model with continuously adding more features as required


  • Remove needless variation in technology

  • Move low utilization servers to cloud

  • Remove context from the core and move to open-source equivalents else you will not win in fast moving marketplace


Bold Moves You Can Make Copyright © 2020 by IT Revolution

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