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Few Agile Roadmaps and Frameworks

Updated: Mar 11

This post is a collection of Agile and DevOps related frameworks and roadmaps as shared by different organizations in their reports, whitepapers etc. All rights reserved by original publisher/creator. We have tried our best to put credit information as appropriately as possible. No copyright infringement intended.

Impact of Agile Transformed Organizations by McKinsey & Company

Technical and Culture Roadmap by IT Revolution

Five Trademarks of Agile Organizations by McKinsey & Company
Different elements against which maturity of Agile Organizations can be measured by McKinsey & Company

Top reasons why organizations can't do agile transformations and top practices if they do by McKinsey & Company

Actions which can increase chances of success in Agile Transformation for an organization

How state of agile transformation looks like across organizations? By McKinsey & Company

Which industry sectors are leading in Agile Transformation by McKinsey & Company

Difference between Agile Organization and Traditional Organizations in terms of how idea flows and structure by McKinsey & Company

Four quadrant model by Leading Agile

How to do a multi-tier governance in Agile workstream by Leading Agile

Target Dojo - Product Mindset

Target Dojo Charter Framework

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