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Top companies who have transformed in recent times from the Transformation 20 by Innosight

What are the top themes of organizations going towards Transformation?

  • Digital Transformation

  • Combating Climate Change

  • Transforming Healthcare

  • Fintech-Enabled Business Models

What are five behaviors of transformational organizations?

  1. They create a higher purpose mission driven by why

  2. They're not afraid to let go past

  3. They leverage a core capability to enter new growth markets

  4. They seize the digital opportunity via new platforms and business models

  5. Innovation isn't isolated to a department but it is a strategic capability

What are top organizations who have transformed?

What different conflicts organizations may face when on path of Transformation?

  • Crisis of Commitment

  • Crisis of Conflict

  • Crisis of Identity

Ref: The Transformation 20 STRATEGIC CHANGE RANKINGS FOR 2019 by Innosight

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