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What does Agile mean in DevOps?

  • Extend Agile ideas and values from product management and software development to rest of the service delivery organization

  • Following Agile and Lean approaches across the full life cycle of a system

  • Breaking work down so that it can be delivered incrementally and iteratively by small, collaborative and cross-functional teams

  • Moving decision-making down so that these teams can respond more effectively to new information

  • Continuously learning, adapting, and improving

  • DevOps applies Agile ideas, values, and approaches to packaging and deployment, change control and release management, service delivery, production support and maintenance, security, and compliance.

  • It also takes Agile practices like continuous integration, test automation and test-driven-development, refactoring, pairing and peer reviews, and applies them to infrastructure provisioning and configuration management in code.

  • For DevOps teams, their work isn’t “done” until it is running in production and they have received feedback that it is working correctly. This means that when work is “done,” the software, and the team, both must be production-ready.

  • What is changing with DevOps

  • From Continuous Integration to Continuous Delivery

  • From “Working Software” to Services in Production

  • From Velocity to Cycle Time

  • From Controlled Change to Continuous Change

  • From T-Shaped to Full-Stack Developers

  • From Retrospectives to Blameless Postmortems

Reference: Understanding Agile DevOps by Jim Bird

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