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What metrics my leaders want to see?

Whenever you start reporting metrics to leaders or executives in your organization keep a balance of these three metrics - Vanity, Lagging and Leading!

Vanity Metrics: These type of metrics will make you look nice but you won't be able to derive any actions out of it. However, they look overall metrics and reporting nice. Also good for some brownie points! Analogy: Number of days to build a floor in a building.

Lagging Indicators: They are like rearview of your car. These are like in past. Can be easily identified and measured. There is not much you can do to change the outcomes. Analogy: Number of accidents happened while build that floor.

Leading Indicators: They are like windshield of your car. They can help you predict the future. If you are not on right track then you can change your approach. Analogy: Number of workers wearing helmets at work. That will reduce number of accidents. Right?

See if your have balance of Action vs Satisfaction in your metrics

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